Thursday, May 13, 2010

Postage Stamps Promote Pet Adoption

Did you see the new stamps the US Post Office just issued to raise awareness of humane and responsible pet care?  You'd think they'd encourage adoption of shelter dogs, bright-eyed mongrels of unknown lineage, but instead the Post Office showcased all pure-bred dogs.  When looking for a Lab or Golden Retriever, one usually doesn't make a bee-line for the pound.  Our decision to buy our Yorkshire Terrier from a breeder didn't help alleviate the over-abundance of shelter dogs, but in my defense, we chose a breed of dog known for the least allergic response for the asthmatics in our family.  To my defense, we had Juliet spayed, the absolute most responsible choice all pet owners should do.  About the cats, the Post Office's kitty lineup looks similar to those you'd typically find at the Humane Society.  But I still remain baffled with their choice to use fancy dog breeds.