Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kool Kollege Katering

I have been busy with one of my new jobs - college catering.  Our oldest son's friend's mother (follow that?) owns Mountain Kettle Korn Katering.  They started off popping kettle corn for weekend Farmer's Markets, which Winter Park, Florida's market has become their staple.  The business grew from that to a variety of other things that makes Miss Denise some good money.  She is a single mom in a nice house with a booming business and a host of employees, of which I am one.  College Student Governments pay for our services, for which their ever grateful students line up for freebies.
Here are some of the other things we do:

  • Multi-Grain Rice Cakes -  popped before your eyes!  These things are addictive!!  Farmer's Market mostly.
  • Deco-ware - college students line up to glue gems and sparkles onto wine glasses, water bottles, and little glass piggies.  Oh, NOT wine glasses - - - water goblets!  Get real, they're wine glasses.
  • Moose Mix - college students line up to fill their pan with kettle and caramel popcorn, swirls of melted chocolate and a variety of candy toppings.  Gummy bears fly off the table!
  • Chocolate Fountain - a monster sized stainless steel fountain circulating 26 pounds of premium chocolate for college students to dip a variety of cookies, fruits, and cakes.
  • Make Your Own Caramel Apples and pretzel sticks -  college students line up to receive a dipped apples or pretzels that they roll in a dozen or more toppings.  Chocolate sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and crushed candy bars are the favorites.
  • Flash Frozen Ice Cream - more college students in line.
  • Cotton Candy - big machine, fluff flying in the breeze, coating all the workers with sugary sweetness.
  • Make Your Own Soap in a Loofa Slice - college students, microwave, drippy messy fun.

So? What have I been up to??  Lots of trips to the many colleges in Tampa Bay, Gainesville, and all around Orlando.  Most recently, I flew to Baltimore, rented a car, drove 2 hours to Frostburg, MD where I hosted about 300 students at the deco-ware table.  Stayed overnight, drove back to airport and went home.  I love traveling, so this was a ball to me.  Also, I work for another company that makes funnel cakes and  fried oreos (I plate them and sprinkle with powdered sugar, then hand out to hungry college students).  They also make photo mugs and ornaments, which I will learn how to do next week in Miami.