Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's Shower Time!

So. The cultured marble shower was installed and is a foot narrower than the monster tub that it replaced. After an unsuccessful search all over Jacksonville for matching floor/wall/fancy trim tile, we had to choose a different tile altogether. Mark removed the floor tile and walked away. We chose not to go halfway up the wall as it was tiled before. My sweet husband is not big on construction and replacing wallboard, muffing and sanding is definitely not his forte, in fact, he stinks at it! We hired our friend Matt to do his magic and he's been sawing, hammering, sanding. Hopefully he will have the bulk of it done by 6 tonight, the time I need to drive him back to Orlando. The new wallboard is up and taped and sanded. I think a few more mud layers will make it smooth. Once that's done, he will lay the tile today and probably leave the grout for Mark, something he CAN do. Looking forward to having the glass door installed and then finally, a toilet!  Our house is small, but going to the other side to use the bathroom and shower has been a pain in the neck.