Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Week at the Parents' House

My sister Kat and her husband Larry drove up to PA to have Thanksgiving with their daughters and families, and so I am in Jacksonville at my parents' house, cooking, cleaning, and running errands.  I got her Sunday night and Kat left Monday morning.  I took momma to a doctor's appointment Monday morning, then to Walgreens to pick something up, and then home.  Mom was so whipped that she put on her jammies and slept the remainder of the day away.  Patty came over and she and I went to BJ's and picked up a few groceries. This morning I washed daddy's little yorkie, Jack, and because Juliet WET my bed, I washed all the bedding.  She was asleep, and I guess she dreamed she was outside.  At 9:50, I took momma to her hair appointment, and while she got beautified, I hurried over to the grocery store to get things needed for Thanksgiving dinner.  After lunch I was so tired today that I took a nap, rare for me. I need to wash my dog tomorrow and also I will start prepping for Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner.

The fruit trees at my parents' house are bearing some wonderful oranges, tangerines, kumquats, lemons, and pink grapefruit.  The trees are so loaded, the limbs hang down almost to the ground!

I'm tired...I wake up at 6AM, breakfast on the table at 6:30 or 7, clean up, then daddy comes home for lunch at noon, and dinner at 4PM.  It feels like I never stop cooking, loading dishwasher, and washing things.  Jack (the dog) is not well, and he has to be medicated three times a day, and he eats cooked hamburger twice a day.  I'm not complaining, just saying how busy I stay when I'm at my parents' house.

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