Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Never Miss A Beat With A True Friend

I met Pam through my friend Belinda in 1990. Our mutual friend died suddenly in 1995 and with that, I lost touch with Pam.  We had chance meetings, but maybe we avoided each other because we reminded each other of how we missed Belinda.  Maybe it was her busy life with six children or my busy life with two children that at times seemed like six.  It doesn't matter now.  Pam and I will always be friends whether we see each other daily or yearly.  And when we do see each other, it's a wonderful homecoming.

I saw Pam holding a "Vote for McCain" sign on the corner near the voting precinct.  I had started a big vat of Pasta Putanesca that morning and brought bowls of tomatoey goodness to Pam and her fellow McCain supporters.  She and I picked up where we left off, enjoying each others' company and friendship.   Pam's oldest daughter barely 30, died a few weeks later in a car accident.  I was there for her and it felt like God placed me in her path when she needed me.  Life got busy and somehow we eased out of each other's lives again.

A year passed and on Friday morning I picked up the phone and left a message.  "What's up?  How are you?  I miss you..." and I got a return call that very evening.  Pam's daughter was getting married the next day and Pam was overwhelmed.  Kym and Ben decided to get married just 3 weeks ago and the wedding was Saturday.  Could I help?  And so I picked up where I left off, helping clean the church, decorate, etc.  for 80+ guests.

Pam's husband (also named Ben) is a minister and their church had to be decorated for a gothic, but very Christian, ceremony.  The reception was in the same room.  Black, burgandy, and gold were the colors.  I made runs to US Toys and Dollar Tree for plastic table covers, party supplies.  Do you know how difficult it is to make goth look not creepy?  We did it!  I bought cream colored candles, fresh apples, and clippings from our backyard boxwood hedge and made decorations for the food table, laden with dozens of covered dish meals.  

The couple met on an online Christian dating site.  Both like goth clothing and vampirey junk, not my favorite, but to each their own.  So for their champagne (ginger ale) toast, I made a special hard candy glass dip, which they loved.  It was a great day.
I love Pam and it was such a great day to enjoy her company and work with her.

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