Saturday, August 20, 2011

From XL Man Shirt to M Ladies

It's another annual Snap-On Tools convention in Orlando.  Last year they closed Universal Studios at 6 and opened it up to all the Snap-On employees, 5000 dealers and their spouses for a private party, where we rode all the rides, saw all the shows, and grazed our way through all the free food from all the restaurants until midnight.  Everyone got a special shirt to wear, and by the time I got to the front of the line, the smallest size available was XL.  I walked through Universal in a night shirt!
Orlando was chosen again, and it's the same drill.  This year it's Sea World that will host our private party.  I got in the line of over 5000 people and ended up again with an XL, exact same fit as last year's shirt.  Groan.  I decided that I'd fix it, and began researching cutting down t-shirts.  I found a lot of trashy ho-girl shirts with holes and slits and rips.  I called a friend and she brought over a good idea and I copied her shirt somewhat (the hemline and neckline) and , because the shoulder seams drooped so low off my shoulders, I decided to just chop those baggy sleeves off.  Zig-zag hems did the trick and I got a pleasant surprise with the ruffled look.  Girly! Not crazy about the placement of Shamu, makes it look like I have a fat stomach.  Do you see the hidden wrench?  Below is pretty much a before and after. Different shirts but both were exact same fit before I got the scissors out.

2010's XL
2011 cut down

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