Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bear In Our Yard - video/pictures

We heard the trash can fall over at 9:45am, pretty late in the morning for a bear.  We don't keep the can in the garage, because this attracts bugs and mice, which frankly creep me out worse than bears.  It's the trade-off for living near woods (paradise).  I was taking pictures from our driveway between our son's car and Mark's giant Snap-On Tools truck.  We wanted the bear to feel trapped.  Mark went to the front of his truck and banged on it, scaring the bear enough to run past me.  Hopefully she will remember this and not return!   I estimate this big bear to be a 5' tall and 200 pound female.  We would only be in danger if cubs were involved.
Go away bad bear!
She sees Mark as he bangs on his truck.
And runs past me.
Between our yards, toward our driveway.
Running across our driveway with me hot on her heels
Running toward the lake in our front yard
Headed from our yard to another neighbor's
The End.

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