Saturday, October 20, 2012

On Writing a Book

On Labor Day morning I woke up with a start, gasping for breath at the depth of what I had just dreamed.  And from this I began to write!  Mark came in and I gave him one of those talk to the hand, I cannot be disturbed motions and he knew I was on a roll.  An hour later, he approached me as I continued to bang away at the keyboard and asked, "What are you doing, writing a book??!"  My talk to the hand palm goes up instantly and I nod.  This is my husband, who wants to talk to me, so I stopped, saved my work, and answered with a definite YES.

After many revisions and more dreams and a two week vacation and hiatus from writing, I now have a 30 chapter draft that is 53 pages long.  Each chapter needs many more pages added to it to make a true book, but my friends that have read it say my story a page turner.  EL James had better move over!  I have a winning book on the horizon and this one is clean!

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