Monday, June 2, 2014

Cocoa Beach Week and the Orange Blossom Song

Mark and I just returned home to Jacksonville after a wonderful week at our timeshare in Cocoa Beach.  "Timeshare" sounds so cheesy, but it's actually a really nice place to have a guaranteed vacation every year. We own week #21, a 1-bedroom suite that is actually made from two hotel rooms. It has a bedroom with two queen beds, a living room with pull out queen couch/bed, two bathrooms, a big closet, and a closet sized kitchen, equipped with everything anyone might need. In exchange for a reasonable annual maintenance fee, this one week a year belongs to us and usually includes Memorial Day. Our sons and their wives come for the weekends, filled with pool time, adult drinks, boogie boarding in the ocean, and after bbq, we enjoyed playing beer pong and also Robert's guitar talent and he sings so well too. His wife Vanessa and he have some nice duets - Virginia Bluebell is one of my favorites. Sadly, David and Amanda could only come the first weekend. The whole week is left for relaxing and sunning and enjoying pretty Florida. I looked at pictures of the beach but they look like every other beach pic you've ever seen, so I will save you from one more.

Today I woke up singing a Florida song that every little Floridian should have learned in elementary school, except me, who had Irish nuns that weren't familiar. Lo and behold, my friend Cathy Kersten, who taught this song to me a few years ago, had posted it in Facebook.  Cathy makes me happy!  you can search youtube  for a guy singing it (the introduction is long), but below are the words.

The Orange Blossom Song

I want to wake up 
in the morning,
where the orange blossoms grow.
Where the sun comes a peeping into where I’m a sleep’n
and the songbirds sing hello.
I love the fresh air
and the sunshine,
it’s good for us you know.
So I’ll make my home in Florida,
where the orange blossoms grow.

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