Friday, September 19, 2014

CLOTHES! I bought clothes!!

I don't shop. Ever. I pick up an item here and there, mostly at Costco. Shopping for clothes has never been an enjoyable task for me. Shopping with my sister Kat was fabulous, wonderful, and very productive. What fun to have someone else bring things to the changing room. Some things, I would have never considered, but trying them on, I was very pleased!  We tried to get each shirt to go with 3 pairs of pants.  These shown are the new clothes. There are black, butterscotch, tan and turquoise slacks and 14 shirts (the orange jacket, shirt and scarf are attached together).  I also have somewhat new dk blue jeans and white slacks in the closet, plus I have other shirts, jewelry and scarves that will go nicely (like the turquoise one). I am not listing photos in favorite order. I can't decide which I like most! I forgot to match some of the shirts with the turquoise slacks as I am wearing them now!


jeans with new pink shirt


HootOwlGal said...
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HootOwlGal said...

Great selection! May I suggest that you keep an eye open for some burgundy slacks or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans ( Belks has them on sale often and in your length). They would pop with the houndstooth, grey w/ black polka dot, paisley, leopard and maybe two more of the tops. Go for it, girl!