Friday, May 16, 2008

iGoogle, do you?

Do you have iGoogle? I like having it as my homepage when I open Explorer. In my iGoogle I have the weather for my city as well as some cities where family lives, a To Do list, a clock and calendar, and just for the fun of it, something called Today's Reason To Drink. I am totally in love with Google Talk, where I can talk to my sons, their girlfriends, and occasionally my mother. I wish the rest of the family would join in. You can add a wide variety of stuff to your page, but my most favorite part of my iGoogle page is the weekly New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I just love how it offers the hint by just clicking in the spot where the word will go, and I really like the check your answer feature. I have completed and cleared the puzzle daily and am waiting for Monday, when the new puzzle will appear. Monday seems like a million puzzles away! I wish for a new puzzle each day.

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