Thursday, May 22, 2008


Robert's room is finished. Green walls and the white trim and door are dry, a new doorknob that locks, a new bed. My desk stays in the room, and he'll add some bedroom furnishings. He has most of his stuff advertised for sale on Craigslist. Moving day will be in a couple of weeks. He still has a lot of, amplifier, all his stuff he's collected over the last six years away from home. The furniture is all sold, and he's saving kitchen stuff for when David moves out.

David is using our bathroom for a while. His bathroom is the same, no vanity or sink, and lots of work ahead. Mark plans to pull up the old tile today or tomorrow night. He's busy...beach week starts this Saturday and I won't be home to organize packing for a week at the beach. I have a list. I return from Washington late on Tuesday, then Wednesday morning I have my final doctor's appointment and MUGA heart scan at 9:30 AM in Daytona Beach (an hour north of Apopka) for the medical research thing I did for rheumatoid arthritis. After that appointment, I have to turn around and drive to south Orlando to my hand doctor's office at 2:00 PM in Celebration, FL(1 1/2 hours south of Daytona) for a pre-op appointment. I can't believe I'll have my fingers fixed in a couple of weeks! After that, I drive to Cocoa Beach (an hour east of Orlando) and hope to arrive there by dinner for relaxation until Sunday.

Today I have to work for my friend Bonnie at her travel agency. She has a group going to Alaska and I do all the final details. Then I have to drive to south Orlando to pick up my package of stuff for the tour group I will meet on Saturday morning. They're a performing high school band from Missouri. I leave tomorrow morning for Washington, DC. I wish I was leaving later in the day, but that's what my office booked me for. It will be a lonely day, but maybe this is what I need after such a hectic week. Did I mention that Mark has a cold? My throat is scratchy...

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