Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kelsey Dog Had a Stroke, or maybe it was a Seizure

My little doglet will be 13 next month and her age is starting to show. Tuesday she had a haircut and when I picked her up, she started screaming and crying as if she were being hurt, but she wasn't being hurt at all. I held her and she cried out. Her mouth got frothy and she drooled. This is NOT common at all for my dog. I took her straight to the vet, they checked her out and said, well, she may have had a stroke or a seizure. They did a full blood panel and she only had low glucose, which could be because she refused breakfast that day. She was confused, and has remained confused and a little lost since this. Although her eyes are cloudy, she could see okay, but now is totally blind at night, and is terribly afraid of the darkness. She seems to use her nose and ears to get around in daylight, seing only shadows. Kelsey has her days and nights mixed up and cries all night. I get up, take her out, she just stands there in the grass. Kelsey usually sleeps in a little doggie bed on the floor near our bed, but Tuesday and Wednesday nights, she kept getting lost under our bed, or just being afraid and crying for me. I would get her, and she would not want me as badly as she just wanted me only moments before. I took her and forced her to lay on the couch with me so we both could get some sleep. She fought like a madman to get down, the wanted back up almost immediately. I took her to the vet on Friday and they gave her some sleeping pills. OH HEAVEN! Still terrified of being alone in the dark, we gave up and allowed her to sleep with us on our bed near our feet and I got to sleep all night long! She slept so soundly, I checked her a couple of times to be sure she was breathing.

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