Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mark Flies to Houston, Texas

Mark and his friend Kevin are both Snap-On Tools dealers. They have big trucks and drive to auto repair shops in their routes selling tools to mechanics. Kevin's truck is very big and expensive, and he sold it to buy a smaller truck like Mark's - which is still a huge tool truck. Kevin found a used tool truck near Houston, so he and Mark left for the airport this morning at six, flew out to buy it and drive it home, a long long drive in a big, slow tool truck. The truck looked good. A few miles down the road, the air conditioner started acting up. One of the fans didn't work, and the a/c belt broke. The compressor froze up and needs to be replaced. Good thing there are three fans inside the truck to move the warm air. No place to fix this on the weekend, so on they drove. Mark called me just a few minutes ago to tell me that the brake lights don't work, and neither do the driver's dash lights. They use a flashlight to watch the speedometer, making sure they are going fast enough on the expressway. One drives, while the other rests on a fold out chair in the hallway of the truck. Mark says they should be home tomorrow night. They were getting gas and talking about hotels and dinner (at 9:30!) when he called.

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