Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sedona, Arizona

It is girlfriend week in Arizona. Three wives of Snap-On Tool salesmen (Sigrid, Marisa, and me) flew to Pheonix, rented a car, and headed to Sedona. Sigrid's timeshare apartment is beautiful and the view is phenomenal...beautiful red rock mountains! We arrived in Sedona and we so pleased with a light dusting of snow. We shopped in crystal shops, visited a quilt shop and a clothes shop. It was so exciting to wake up the first morning and see how fresh and bright the world seemed. On the second day we had a BIG snow fall with huge flakes, several inches of snow coating the whole city. We shopped, ate lunch at a wonderful Indian restaurant (India, not American Indian), and visited many interesting art galleries. Driving home was an experience, snow was falling harder and harder and the roads were icy.

Today we went to The Grand Canyon. It was a pleasant 2-hour drive. I had seen it before, but not with snow. The Grand Canyon is the most awesome place on earth. Beautiful. Breathtaking.

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