Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wavy Haze Scarf

Wavy Haze Scarf made from Queensland Collection Haze color 910, corn viscose and cotton. Feels like cotton, but finer yarn. Bamboo needle size US6 (4mm). I bought this pretty, varigated yarn in Sedona. Too bad the color changes don't show in this picture, they're very mild. The purple flowers behind the project are from my Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow plant. The flowers are very fragrant, almost too fragrant!
After I photographed the yarn, I sat it on the coffee table, and moved the laundry from washer to clothesline outside. Juliet stayed inside (strange!) and when I came in to check on her, she had gotten my knitting off the table and was playing with it! The yarn ball is 1/3 unwound, but the knitting is thankfully untouched. Whew! It could have been much worse, as it's difficult to put a needle back in once the knitting has begun to be unraveled. I have a mess to untangle, but just so thankful that my work hasn't been destroyed.

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