Friday, May 29, 2009

Chicago Tour Group

I took the smallest group ever through Chicago; a 24-year old band director, 3 adults, and 19 students. Add the bus driver and me, and we had a total of 25 people. I am usually not excited to do a small group, because they get too cozy with me, asking a lot more than a group would and should, but this group was great! It was the last group of the season for me, and the best group ever. It has been a great Spring! Here's what we did in three days: Shedd's Aquarium, Navy Pier, Gino's Pizza, Millinium Park with "The Bean" (Cloud Gate), Blue Man Group, Hancock Building's 94th floor,dinner and a show at Midieval Times, Six Flags theme park, and our bus was hijacked by the "gangster" Big Julie for a Capone-Era gangster tour of Chicago.

Taken just outside of Shedd's Aquarium
looking at how huge Lake Michigan is

Photographing their reflection at The Bean

Looking much like an empty bus, the girls were bored with heads down, tapping away on their cell phones during the gangster tour - but the boys heads were up!

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