Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doctor and Dog Parks and Chicago and Pennsylvania

I have been sick since I left Chicago. I was so sure it was an allergy to the many gorgeous tulips blooming all over the Chicagoland area, but the "allergy" continued. Perhaps it was all the night blooming jasmine that bloom all day and night here. Regardless, it evolved into laryngitis, followed by chest congestion and finally the last straw was a bad sinus headache yesterday. I dragged myself to the doctor. "What's wrong?" "I have green goop oozing from my lungs and sinus." "You have a sinus and a lung infection!" My doctor is a genius. A handful of antibiotics, and I'm on my way. I woke up this morning with severe foot pain (arthritis), but it was a good thing, because the days before I woke up because I couldn't breathe. Do antibiotics work that fast??

The dog park is a fun place to take Juliet, as she is so extremely playful and always has a ball. The last couple of times, though, she has been spooked by the "greeting party" of dogs that rush up when a newbie arrives, and she heads out. Out, meaning through the crack in the closed gate, through the crack in the second closed gate, across the road (cars!) and to the parking lot. This has happened three times, each just as frightening as the first. This time I stopped in the city recreation office nearby first to show my dog off to my friend there, but to also ask that they weld on an extension to block the opening. Yesterday I met someone with two young dogs that had the same experience and we noticed that folks with smaller dogs had quit coming to the park. An email was sent, but I placed a follow-up call today to be sure the email was taken seriously.I called the manager today to see if something can be done and they'll check Orange County code and fix it. Yay!

Another group heads to Chicago May 21-25 and I am going to accompany them. I love Chicago, have I mentioned that?? This time, instead of visiting my sister-in-law again, I will fly to Pennsylvania Dutch country to visit my niece Karen in Lebanon PA from the 18th and fly straight to Chicago O'Hare on the 21st. Works for me. All I had to do was pay for one flight and the company pays the rest. I'm looking forward to seeing Karen and family so much!! What a great life - - after that - Chicago!

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