Friday, June 12, 2009

Get The Johnny Plunger!

I peeled a lot of potatoes to make mashed potatoes for shepherd's pie. We don't have potatoes often, and I didn't know you aren't supposed to put the peelings down the disposal. The disposal chopped everything up fine, and flushed it down the tube, but according to experts online, it turned into cement somewhere down the pipe. We used a plunger (which I think was a totally disgusting and unsanitary thing to do) in the kitchen sink, and - nothing. Instructions say to plug the other sink. Did that, still nothing. Mark thinks, because the dishwasher is hooked up to the disposal, there's no way to plug that, and this is why the plunger isn't working. Uh-oh. We don't have a plumber's snake and know nothing about how to undo the trap and put the snake down it. Using the other side of the sink, I was able to finish cooking dinner. Mark's sprawled out on the kitchen floor, mumbling. He has no idea what to do, so emptying everything out from under the sink, laying on the floor and cussing seems to be the right thing, or so he thinks.

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