Monday, June 8, 2009

RAW Meat and Bone Dog Diet

After much research, I put Juliet on a raw meat and bone diet. Last night she had her first meal; a big chicken wing drummette, including all the skin, meat, bones, and knuckle (chicken bones only splinter when cooked), along with a gizzard. We watched her the whole time, making sure she didn't choke.

At first Juliet didn't quite know what to think, and then after a taste, she took the drummette and headed to the carpet. Oh no way! Into her crate she went (which is rarely used anyway), where Juliet became the canine that she is, crunching and enjoying until every last bit was gone. It takes longer for a dog to eat raw meat and bones, and after she finished, she was tired and full, so she took a doggie nap. Concerned that she might have an upset stomach from the switch, I kept her in the crate until she asked to go out. Mark took her outside, and she did all her business. Oh good, worked out well.

Accustomed to two meals a day, this morning Juliet stood at her bowl for a while, then walked over to her crate, stepped in, and barked! Nope, no food until tonight, little girl!

According to the instructions, a dog should have abo9ut 3% of her body weight in their meat and bone dinner, which should include about 5% organ meat. She weighs 4.2 pounds, so I should give her about 2 ounces of food. I may have to increase her intake until she gets used to raw food, and I wonder if she had enough last night.

Here are some links I found useful in my decision:

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