Friday, February 5, 2010

My Mother's Yard Man

My parents built their very nice house on a busy highway,  right across the street from a river front country club community named Epping Forest. Daddy loves making his yard beautiful,; riding on his fancy lawnmower brings him a lot of joy.  He dresses in his lawn clothes; an old pair of shorts, ancient worn out shirt, and a straw hat.  About ten years ago, an expensive car pulled out of Epping's gates, made a u-turn and stopped on the road in front of my parents home.  Down rolled the darkened windows to reveal a woman about my mother's age, which was then in her late 60's, and she motioned for my father to come to her car.  My father is friendly and has a quick wit.
This is the conversation that followed:

she - "This lawn is always so perfect. I want to hire you."
dad - "Well thank you very much. I am not for hire."
she -  "I really want to you to do my lawn.  How much do you charge?"
dad - "Ma'am you can't afford me."
she - "Really, I can!  I live in Epping Forest Yacht Club..." ( a snootty woman, very impressed with herself.) 
dad - "The lady that owns this house lets me sleep with her!"

Daddy said the look on her face was classic!  UP went her nose and her window, and she sped off!  Daddy thought it was all so hilarious!  He went inside to tell momma, who had seen the interchange through the window.  Momma knew this woman from some club or committee she was on, and was absolutely mortified that now her neighbor thinks she sleeps with the yard man.  Daddy got a good chuckle from it all.  I love daddy's humor.

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Patriotic Mom said...

This is soooo funny! Thanks for the chuckle. Your dad does look cute on his mower. Makes me miss my Dad.... Joan @Americana By Candlelight