Monday, February 8, 2010

Meal Planning Monday - A Week's Worth of Meals

Inspired by some other blogs, I am giving a preview of my week of meals, using food we had in the kitchen. This isn't chisled in stone, and my meals are usually recorded in my food blog, What's For Dinner, with recipes, etc. Just thought I'd "mix things up" a little.
  • B - oatmeal, blueberries, milk 
  • L- tuna salad over lettuce
  • D - Bell pepper and onion, Italian sausage, Stewed tomatoes, Yellow rice
  • B- Cherrios, milk, blueberries  
  • L- peanut butter on celery, apple
  • D - Heart attack chicken w/pimentos on Ziti, Beets, Salad, Key lime pie
  • B- Banana blueberry yogurt shake, granola bar 
  • L- Tuna sandwich, chips
  • D-Hamburger patties, Oven fries w/EVOO & rosemary, Frozen green beans
  • B- yogurt, blueberries, toast  
  • L- turkey/cheese sandwich, apple                   
  • D-Chicken thighs and rice "pileau", Roma vegetables, Spinach
  • B- bagel, peanut butter, orange  
  • L- leftovers                   
  • D-Meatloaf , ziti mac n cheese, Brocolli, Carrots and dip
  • B-Eggs, sausage,hash browns toast  
  • L-turkey wraps, celery/carrots                    
  • D- Date night, EAT OUT!
  • B- EAT OUT  
  • L- tuna salad sandwiches, a fruit or raw veg   
  • D-Spaghetti w/sweet Italian sausage, Salad, Garlic bread, Chocolate cake

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