Monday, July 19, 2010


Quilts have once again called to me.  I joined a "block of the month" at the local quilt shop, and next June I shall have a lovely Underground Railroad sampler nearly complete.  A picture of a completed quilt is on the first page of The Material Girl's newsletter.  I also have finally decided it is time to make my Rock Candy lap quilt.  It is cut out and ready to piece, a first quilt for myself, as all my other quilts have been gifted.  I'm anxious to see it finished, as the material is the prettiest batik fabric, chosen to look most like the actual pattern.  More pressing than my own quilt, however, is a quilt my niece Robin's baby.  Lyla Grace will be born in November or December, I think.  I am sure I have plenty of girly girl colors to choose from in my material stash to create a feminine crib quilt.

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Maree: said...

Hi Marty..Thanks for joining my blog always Lovely to have found a new blogger to me...looking forward to seeing your quilts come to life.