Friday, July 30, 2010

35 Year High School Reunion

Where did 35 years go?  We are supposed to be 35 years old!
Reverse those numbers and you have 53. I'm good with that. 

Here are a few friends that gathered for breakfast the morning after the reunion: Left side - Jacques Klempf, David Kampfe, Karol Eilermann Smith, and Marty Wise Watson. Right side - David Bard, Barry Smith, Cheryl Bernstein Bermann, and Bonnie Baumgarten Friedman.

Reconnecting with old friends was nice, but out of 600 students, we only had 60 at the reunion.  We made plans for the Class of 75 to get together with at a local restaurant once a month or a quarter.  The first will be this coming weekend, only a week out from this reunion, but someone from far away will be in town, so why not?  Don't count on me.  It's a little soon to turn back around and drive the 2-1/2 hours to Jacksonville.

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