Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dolly Quilt

My niece Robin is going to have her third baby later this year and, after two little darling boys, this is a girl!  I have a quilt for each baby born, and so making one for a girl is extra special!  This is a  picture of the pattern I ordered, and  below is a (very poor quality) picture of the first dolly I made.  Each block will measure 7" once it's sewn into the quilt. I am not sure how many I shall use.  I LOVED making the first block!  It's a new technique (to me) called paper piecing.  You actually sew the material onto a paper pattern, and only after the whole quilt top is assembled, then you remove the paper.  A tighter stitch is required to make the paper tear off easily, but any mistakes results in a much more difficult stitch removal.  I know first hand!!  I'm not fond of the circles mid-quilt (they remind me of bottle tops) and so I might just make an entire quilt of different dollies.  The one I made has dark skin, and I have a variety of skin tones and hair colors, and lots of different scraps to make pretty dresses and aprons and backgrounds.  It's like a photo album!  Will baby like it?  I hope so!
Such a poor quality picture.  The seam allowance is shining through because I took this picture with light behind it.  They won't show when the quilt is complete and sandwiched with a nice cotton batting, then quilted around the dollies.  I haven't decided if I will be able to hand quilt, or if I'll have it machine quilted.

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