Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Cadillac Couch

My father inherited a Cadillac from his recently deceased friend, Dr. Fleming Roach. Dad is in the used car business and knows the value of this great car, 1996 Sedan DeVille with only 50,000 miles. With people concerned with gas mileage and being ecologically correct, it would be a slow resale, but it is a great car and daddy gave it to me!

This car drives like a dream, feels like you're sitting in a cloud, on a comfy sofa. It's big. I decided to call it "The Couch."

We have too many cars to insure - our oldest son in his last year of law school drives an Explorer Sport, son #2 is looking looking looking for a job and while we wait wait wait, we insure his Camaro. Then there's the "back-up" green Monte Carlo (that David currently drives until he can get his oil pump fixed on his Camaro). I'd like to sell The Lizard, Mark's Corvette (he's SO attached), and although the GMC Jimmy's 4WD is convenient in the winter when we go to NC, I'm thinking it should go too.  That, or rent a garage near the airport closest to our NC home.

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