Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lyla's Dollies Baby Quilt In The Works

Because I decided the original dolly quilt was more for a four year old than a newborn, I went shopping for some different material.  This delay cost me a few days.  Then I got sick.  Ugh.  A few more days.  Then I started sewing and my bobbin winder quit winding.  Another delay!  Finally, I am underway!!  Here are six of the nine blocks I will put on the quilt top.
Won't it be a sweet quilt?  There will be three rows of three, (8.5"x8" blocks) holding hands, and some sort of fabric strip between each row so they don't look like they are standing on each other's heads.   Do you like the retro fabric I used for their aprons? Bubblegum pink dotted fabric will border edges and the sweetest fabric for the back (I'll show you later).

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