Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Snowy Engagement

We came to our Beech Mountain, NC home to spend ten days after Christmas.  We arrived to blizzard conditions and, although we have 4-wheel drive, we had to get chains on our front tires to keep from slipping and sliding.  The snow stopped after two days and we have had blue skies and warming conditions.  In fact, today it's in the low 40's.  We expect some rain/snow later in the week with colder temps.  I really love the snow so it's always welcome in my book!

After dating for a year, our oldest son Mark Robert, Jr. proposed to Vanessa on December 28th at the Beech Alpen Inn Restaurant on Beech Mountain, NC. Robert and Vanessa are planning to get married in the fall.  They actually grew up together, going to the same schools, riding the same school bus.  Vanessa is David's age, three years younger than Robert.  I remember Vanessa as a little girl and it's like having a preview of how darling our grandchildren will be.  I bought her a Bride's Magazine at the mall and she was so excited.  We poured over all the pretty gowns in the book, what fun!  Robert and Vanessa are very happy, and their families are thrilled too!  Maybe next year Vanessa's parents can come with us to NC.

Wedding date:  October 22, 2010.  Location will be revealed once they make a decision.

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