Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mo's Girls

When I first started Miranda's new baby cousin Lyla's quilt, I followed the paper pieced pattern exactly, then decided I didn't like the size (too small) and the material scraps I used just didn't seem organized enough for a newborn's quilt.  So, I  am giving this quilt to Lyla's big 5-year old cousin.  I assembled this quilt using remnants of material from several other quilts I made in the past. The green floral border is overage from a quilt I made for Miranda's Great Grandmother Wise's Card Trick quilt.  The pink hearts blocks were originally made for Mo's baby quilt, but I decided to use lots of colors, so why not incorporate those hearts for the one they were made for?  I'll bet Miss Mo will notice!  She doesn't miss a trick!  Paper pieced dolls and machine pieced by me, then professionally quilted.  Size - 37"x37".

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