Friday, April 22, 2011

My New Canaries - Jo and Jessie

Jessie and Jo
I got something I've wanted for many years - Canaries!  I have been gazing at websites, looking at canaries in bird stores, and pretty much lusting after a little yellow triller for quite a while.  Today was the big day.  I found a man that breeds show canaries and I asked him if he'd sell me one.  He told me to bring a cage with seed and water and he would sell me one.  Thank you momma and daddy, for the birthday money!

I hurried to Petsmart and bought a small white and blue travel cage, some bird seed and a mid-sized swing, then drove straight to the breeder's home.  He had a small cage with TWO canaries in it.  He told me his first intuition was to let me choose between two males (the males are the biggest singers), but then, because I was so nice on the phone, he decided that I should have a mated pair, with hopes that they''ll be prolific and I'd join the canary club (he is an officer).  He gave me some quick tips about nesting hens and eggs and feeding.  Oh my!  This was more than I bargained for!  I'm so glad I bought a swing that fits two.   Here's a video of my birds. The male is mottled with deep yellow and has a higher pitched chirp, the female is a very pale yellow/white and has a deeper chirp.

David and Mark were not as thrilled to come home and find my new pets.  They've only known the craziest, most bizarre and insane screaming parakeets (I'm a dud at choosing budgies).  Hopefully, since the breeder chose for me, my bad bird luck will be changed.

My dad's Aunt Jo was so incredibly sweet.  She quilted and I now quilt. She had a canary and I now have two!  It is only right that my birds should be named after Aunt Jo and her husband, so Jo and Jessie it is!  She's been gone since I was a young adult, and try as I might, I cannot recall any conversation with Aunt Jo that didn't include how much God, Jesus and she loved me, followed by sugar, sweet, angel, darling, sweetheart, baby angel, and any other sugary sweet adjective she could dream up.  Our conversations went pretty much like this, "Hi Aunt Jo, your roses sure are beautiful!" to which she would reply, "Oh sugarplum, honey, angel, God love you, my sweet sugar darling angel sweetheart.  Jesus loves you.  I love you. I love Jesus.  He loves you.  You're so sweet..."  Aunt Jo had the most beautiful pink roses growing on her fence and entry arch.  She also collected salt and pepper shakers.  I don't collect things, but I sure do treasure the little rose decorated kissing Dutch couple I was given after her death.
I wonder where Aunt Jo got these?
I look forward to some sugary sweet canary trilling from Jo and Jessie!


Marty said...

Birdie update: The male sings the most beautiful song! He cranks up just before sunset and trills one song, then moves around the cage a bit followed by a second song. Wonderful!!! What does Miss Jo do? She is so thrilled with her nest, she sits on the side of it. No, she hasn't started lining it yet, but the material is there for her.

Marty said...
I recorded Jess singing!