Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's My Birthday

My husband turned 54 in October, and for six months I tortured him about his advanced age.  Then on April 20th...a miracle!  Mark is once again incredibly young!  But in six months, then the teasing resumes...

Many loved ones sent happy birthday wishes today, lots of cheery songs (and a similar rendition of the required birthday dirge) were left in my voice mail.  Sweet cards and gifts are on the coffee table.  A dear friend came by this morning with tulips and we shared a cup of coffee and a nice visit.  There is half a cake on the counter.

Mark made sure to make my birthday week special by taking me special places this past weekend.   On Saturday we went to the Starke, Florida Strawberry Festival, meeting up with my sister Patty and her husband Jon.  Then on to Jacksonville to visit my parents, followed by dinner with Patty and Jon at Players Grille in Miramar, near the neighborhood I grew up in.  We played the trivia game and it is official, Patty knows more music trivia than me.  The big rule breaker that I am, I smuggled our tiny dog in the hotel in my purse.  Sunday morning we dropped the dog off at my friend Kim's house, skipped church and instead, met up with my other sister Kathie and her husband Larry (in town from the Pensacola area), who we last saw in November.  K&L, their two adult daughters (my darling nieces) Robin and Kevin, their 2 sons and a baby girl, Karen and her two children, plus Mark and I went to Beach Diner in Mandarin, where I got an amazing shrimp and crab omelette with hollandaise sauce. meow.  And we all got to visit a while.  After lunch, Mark and I went back to Kim's, who, as a professional dog groomer, gave 2-year old Juliet her first real haircut, what I like to call a Yorkie Pixie.  Very cute!  A nice visit followed, then Mark and I went to niece Karen's house to see all her family and her husband Christian (who is suffering with a back problem), and another visit with K&L, plus momma popped by, how very nice!  Finally, we headed home, the back way down State Road 13 almost to St. Augustine, and I used my handy dandy restaurant "find it" on my iPhone and found the Outback Crab Shack. Holy cannolli!  My my my my my!  I took a picture of my meal, 6 blue crabs (they turn red when they hit the hot water) and all the fixings.  It took me nearly two hours to eat four of the crabs, but we were laughing and talking and the doggie was with us in her fancy-schmancy stroller, and we were loving life and I was in crab rapture, it was sooo good.  I can die now...MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!

I saw all my family and what a shame that I didn't take pictures.  When I am with family, I'm too busy visiting to consider photo taking.

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