Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Jars

Easter baskets just seem so juvenile, but we all want candy! I saw this here and made it my own. One thing I stress is, make sure to get WIDE MOUTH jars. I found mine at Winn Dixie, a dozen for $11. I started with a little green Easter grass, wedged a peep bunny on either side of the chocolate bunny to hold him up (this is where the wide mouth was needed, me sticking my hang in, holding the peeps up using chopsticks, then tossed in jelly beans, M&Ms, little malted milk eggs, a mini Cadbury Egg and a Lindt hazelnut chocolate (wrapped up like a carrot). I had some stretch lace and buttons in my sewing cabinet that I made the jar lid wraps with. I gathered a peach flower, sewed a button on, then tacked it to the lilac lace that fits around the top.

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Kat said...

Thas is sooo cute, Marty! And when Easter is over, you still have great mason jars!