Monday, April 16, 2012

Picking Blueberries! Canning!

Hi friends,

I never know where I should post when it's food. My other blog, What's For Dinner? Or here? Because this was a part of my daily life, I'm voting to post in both blogs! Go take a peek at what I cooked. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of our fun day at the blueberry you-pick farm.

Here we are, blueberry picking. Notice how svelte Mark looks...I told him to suck it in, turn a bit to the side so he would look slimmer, tip his face up so he wouldn't be in the shade of his hat, and to lift the bucket up a bit so we can see what's inside. Mark just says, "HEY!" and I look up and it's all over with. No suggesting I turn a bit, suck in, adjust my set...nothing. Just a hey, a snap from up above, and that's it. I need to haul around my own personal photographer or always look short and dumpy. That, or go on a diet and switch out for a short man. Naw.

So, here's the bottom line: Tall He and Short Me had FUN picking and giggling and tasting berries in the sweltering sunshine for an hour and a half. There were two different types of blueberry bushes: One with a bunch of leaves and large berries, another with barely any leaves and lots of small berries. I preferred the flavor of the smaller berries, a combination of tart and sweet.

On our way home, we swung into our community garden and cut some broccoli, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, green beans and one yellow squash. Dinner was great!

Today Mark the laundry fairy did washing magic while I squished and stirred and did kitchen magic. Berry berry good!

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