Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Sons, Twenty Years Later

When our boys were in grade school, each child had to have a poster about themselves when it was their turn to be Student of the Week.  Parents were instructed to write something about their child and help them create a collage of photos, plus any decorations that reflect his personality.  Cleaning out closets, I came across both posters and just wanted to share, twenty years later, how very accurately I pinned my sons.

Mark Robert Watson, Jr. - 3rd Grade
(will be 29 in May)
Robert wants more,
Be it food or a favor,
He never can get enough.

He wants information,
Challenging confrontation.

He's smart and he's quick
Never misses a trick.

He's demanding, delightful.
His manners are frightful.

He's tiring and taxing
He's loving, relaxing.

He's gentle and kind
I'm glad that he's mine.

His blue eyes light up
When he learns something new.
He can't wait to share it
With someone - - - 
YOU'LL do!

David Patrick Watson - Kindergarten
(will be 26 in April)
When David laughs, 
it sounds like little bells 
jingling in the breeze.
He touches our hearts
with his sensitive, giving personality.
is very important to David.
He is quiet, thoughtful and calculating.
David knows karate
and when he is out 
with his mother at night, he says, 
"Don't worry Mom, I'll protect you."
And he means it.
Although he tries to hide it,
David's emotions run high with 
tremendous love and allegiance
to the special ones around him.
These people 
fortunate enough to know David
get to enjoy the pleasure of his 
hidden wit and sideways glances.
 We are proud and we love him very much.

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