Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

This healthy plant was started from a tiny wood twig off my mother's Yesterday Today and Tomorrow bush many years ago.  The flowers bloom from a woody little ball, starting off deep purple.  Day two they turn lilac, and day three they fade to white.  They bloom most of the year in Central Florida.  The fragrance is intoxicating - from a distance.  It's a good thing ours isn't planted right outside a window, as its strong scent would be overwhelming!  (click on pictures to see full size)

And finally, my poor poor Amaryllis!  Several amaryllis bulbs were given to me by my mother, who has a nice garden full of these red flowering plants.  As the plants age, the bulbs split and make "babies".  Mine have matured, split, and split again giving us many beautiful spring flowers.  This is the first year the deer have noticed them and they won't allow a flower to bloom fully.  They have been feasting on the leaves too.
I love the deer, but I loved my flowers. Sigh...
Amaryllis bloom from 2011

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