Saturday, August 31, 2013

Make A Baby Quilt

Busy taking care of things at my parents' home, I totally forgot a baby shower this weekend!  I have the material for a special rag quilt.  Can I do it in one day?  You betcha!  I found the top fabric at a little fabric shop, all cotton and cute for a little girl, packaged together in a perfect little set.  The back is made from nice soft flannels I found at Joann's.  I made the quilt first and the bib was an afterthought.  The more you wash and dry a rag quilt, the more intense the raggedy exposed seams become - a good thing!  The new mommy, Laurel, loved it.  Her baby will be named Lyla.  I love that's my niece Robin's baby's name too.

Bib made with scraps leftover after I made the quilt.
The colors are more true here, but it's hard to tell it is a bib with the neck closed.
I am holding it up showing the flannel backing.
The front, a zillion little 1/4" scissor clips make the curly exposed seams.
closeup of back
closeup of part of the front

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marty,
yes you can make it in one day.
I'm working on a scrappy stip quilt as you go.