Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jax Home Repairs and Upgrades

UPDATE:  I found a man that will do some of the repairs!  It turns out that I knew his sister in high school, Maureen Porter (she died several years ago from cancer).  He begins work this Tuesday to: 
  • Replace fluorescent light fixtures in both bathroom vanity areas with more attractive lights above the mirror, then patch ceiling where fluorescents hung.
  • Remove fluorescent light from master bath above toilet and replace with can light.
  • Replace old bathroom vent fans with new lighted vent fans.
  • Raise ceiling over master bathtub and replace old light fixture with a can light.
  • Patch master bath walls where Mark removed old drop ceiling above toilet area.
  • Patch roof over garage where a large tree limb dropped and poked a 3" hole an inch deep.

This is what we need to find time and money to do -

Major renovations:
  • Replace master garden bathtub with a shower 
  • Raise dropped bath ceiling
  • Add a bathroom window
  • Change light fixtures in both bathrooms and master vanity
  • Replace carpeting in all 3 bedrooms
  • Replace great room and dining room carpet with wooden flooring
  • Replace kitchen cabinets/counter top
  • Re-tile kitchen and foyer
  • Get the lawn up to par; weed and seed, plug more grass in bare spots -HIRED A LAWN SPRAYING SERVICE!!
  • Remove those damn pygmy palms
  • Move the two baby crepe myrtles to a better location to thrive
  • Clear out front gardens and plant a hedge of azaleas, mulch
  • Eliminate evil bougainvillea, replace with plumbago 
  • Plant some gardenias and camellias and knock out roses
  • Get a satsuma tree and a lemon tree
  • Replace stockade fence
  • Repair boards on back deck, pressure wash and seal
  • Purchase a storage shed for back yard to store lawn equipment
  • Add fill dirt in back yard low spots, plant some roses and other foliage in back
  • Move both hibiscus plants to back yard
  • Start a 4x4 raised veggie garden
  • Get some mosquito repelling potted plants for front and back porch
  • Buy a bug zapper - DONE!! FOUND ONE AT THE COSTCO OUTLET STORE $30.
When we get time we will:
  • Take down family room vertical blinds, hang drapes
  • Change light fixture in kitchen - DONE!  MARK SURPRISED ME!
  • Remove awful bathroom lights
  • Install new lighted exhaust fans in both bathrooms
  • Remove kitchen wallpaper, paint walls solid color
  • Fill hole behind recliner
  • Spot paint walls where Mark filled holes
  • Sew room darkening/noise cancelling liner to master bedroom drapes
  • Unpack guest rooms
  • Hang drapes in back bedroom
  • Buy full sized bed for front bedroom 

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