Monday, May 5, 2014

Can't Stop Biking

I cannot stop my bike!
Several years ago Mark got us both matching bikes...a small one for shortie me, and a huge bicycle for him. Mark is a big man and he is a six and a half foot tall giant! You should see him walking our five pound yorkie! It looks like Shrek walking a squirrel!!

The reason I can't stop my bike is, it is a fancy mountain bike and it has hand brakes.  Like I'd EVER ride a bike up or down a mountain!! My hands have more scars than Frankenstein, so they don't quite work the way they used to. In my right hand I have three artificial joints, a fused thumb and fused long finger joints, there are two fake joints in my left hand, but they're all old and mobility is limited, so my squeezability is gone. Ah the joys of rheumatoid arthritis!  Here I am, feeling good enough to ride a bike (I haven't for years!) and I can't because of mechanics.
Found this one online, IDENTICAL to our bikes.
Before I even tried to drive it, Mark took my bike to the repair shop to get a tuneup: replace a flat tire and get a kick-stand. Then, in the parking lot, I took it for a spin and Mark had to stop me, as I couldn't do the squeeze to the brakes thing. Forget even trying to change gears! I will need to find a beach cruiser with foot operated coaster brakes. Too bad. I was ready to get all summer skinny, had my basket ready for the dog and everything.
Taken several years ago when my hands worked better.
Same bike, same basket, same dog.

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