Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Clothes That Closet Door!

Haha, a play on words!
I live in Florida and what little winter we get (actually this winter was pretty cold!) was over in February or March.  For a month I've been delaying the cleaning of the closet. I just shut the door and ignore the fact that my closet is busting at the seams with things I don't wear. I really don't have a lot of clothes, but I wear less than 75% of what is in the closet.  First I need to move the turtlenecks, sweaters, boots and jackets into the guest room closet to see what I actually have. Next, slide the clothes I wear regularly to the side and, finally, try on all the clothes I never wear to find out why.  Maybe I'll find a hidden gem, but my guess is, a spot, snug on the hips, too short, too long, or too ugly.  No matter that it was a gift from a favorite person, my best color or material, how much (or little!) I paid, or how much I dreamed it would fit right in the future, if it isn't right, it is wrong! Into the reject pile those go for some lucky soul to purchase from Goodwill.

Yesterday I promised myself I would tackle the closet, but in typical Marty fashion, I distracted myself on purpose with a need to bake cupcakes. From scratch. Uh-huh. The recipe I used is in my food blog, What's For Dinner?

I promise to post a picture of the outgoing pile after I'm done.  Scout's honor. For those of you that know me, I was kicked out of Brownies in 2nd grade for skipping school, so swearing on the scouts and skipping chores may not be a guilt-ridden stretch for me.

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