Monday, June 2, 2008

DC, Cocoa Beach, Home

That itchy throat turned into a full-fledged cold, just in time for a week of tour-guiding in Washington, DC. I coughed and hacked and sniffed my way through the museums and on the final day of the trip, I felt much better. The group was nice and the hotel was so pretty. Once home, I had the two appointments in Daytona Beach on Thursday morning. First I had a MUGA scan, where they irradiate some of my blood, put it back in me and then perform a scan of my heart to see how the blood pumps through. All this because I have a heart murmur, mitral valve prolapse. After that appointment, I had the final bloodwork and exam from the arthritis medicine trial that I was a part of. The appointments were over at 1PM and I hurried to south of Orlando for an appointment in Celebration with my hand surgeon. He decided to fuse only my long finger and thumb, not the ring finger. This all happens tomorrow morning. I'm fine with it all, but the thought of the incredible pain I'll be in makes me a little queazy.
I worked for seven hours today at the travel agency. Lots to do to prepare them for a group cruise in Alaska. I got home, flushed the toilet and the tube that brings water from the wall to the tank broke, spewing water all over the place. I turned the water off at the wall and Mark will have to fix this tomorrow after I get back from the hospital.

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