Thursday, June 19, 2008

NC - Valle Crucis

We lazed around until lunch, had hot dogs with slaw, then we drove to Valle Crucis where we went to the old Mast General Store, the Mast Annex store, and Candy Barrel. We each picked out some old fashioned candy, and momma got us each a pretty shirt from the sale rack. It was Mast's 125th anniversary and they had a celebration with a bluegrass band, vegetables, fruit and dips, cold drinks, cake, and other yummy things. Momma and I danced. From there, we went to walk a labyrinth. This was a different type of labyrinth, made by cutting the hayfield into the design, but the labyrinth was overgrown and too narrow, so we decided not to walk it. My sister Patty called her 18-year old son, just to check in, and he had just had a car accident. He was not injured, but his truck rolled over and it is totalled. The truck that hit him was totalled too, and that driver wasn't injured either. I'm sure both of them will feel sore.

We went home, Patty and I ate some candy and played a game of Scrabble. Patty has such a good vocabulary, it was a real surprise that I won 270 to 235.

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