Thursday, June 12, 2008

Splint Revision

Today is day 9. To see the new straps easily, this photo is taken without my arm sock on. Typical for a new splint, I was having some trouble with pressure points. The bone on the side of my arm was becoming red and sore, and the bulging artificial joint in my ring finger was making a dent in the newly fused area of my long finger. Can't have that! Instead of driving an hour to the OT clinic at the doctor's Celebration location, they allowed me to go to a satellite clinic at the RDV Sports Complex in nearby Maitland. What a delight to be seen by my "original" therapist from over ten years ago, Sylvia. The last time I saw Sylvia was about five years ago, and she was single with a new puppy. Now the dog is mature, she's married and has a 13-month old daughter. Sylvia is a genius with splints, and she not only made it comfortable, but she also removed the zillions of pieces of velcro from the back of it and simplified the straps. The new straps are much cooler and I'm not sticking to everything my splint comes in contact with. Sylvia called the doctor and told him my stitches were ready to come out, so she was able to save me a trip to Celebration tomorrow and took the stitches out. This is not painful and my fingers feel the same as they did before the stitch removal.

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