Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raw Cow's Milk

A local middle school teacher named Ann has a small Apopka farm and sells free-range eggs and raw cow's milk. My 23 year old milk drinking maniac son and I drove over to see what's what and we were pleased to walk out into the pasture to meet Clover, and Paris - who is ready to calf at any moment.  Paris is not being milked so near to delivery.  We got to watch Clover being milked (with a machine) and she produced 4.5 gallons of Jersey Juice.  These two Jerseys are sweet pets that will live out their lives on the farm, even after they are no longer productive.

Most people who drink raw milk are "foodies" and are particular about what the cows get to eat, where the live and how much "cow time" they get.  Ann's Jerseys eat a soy free diet of grain and grass and free choice hay. Florida's soil is worthless for sustaining a milk cow; we don't have real soil, it's sand, and dairy cows would starve to death on just Florida grass. Ann has a friend who is allergic to soy and could not drink any milk (grocery or otherwise) until Ann found a soy free cow food, because soy is one of those things that does pass through the cow and end up in milk.

Ann also has a small herd of about a dozen Dexters, small black cows, and she has one butchered occasionally, which I am curious to try out.  She names the Dexters too, but they have "reality names" like T-Bone, Burger, and Stew.  Ann has a variety of chickens that scratch what they want, wander in the fields, and enjoy the sunshine.  When she gets a bully rooster, he becomes dinner, as it should be. She sells big brown eggs with strong healthy shells.

I just drank a glass of delicious custard yellow milk.  It tastes similar to Gustafson's Farm milk from the store, but it is creamier than whole milk.  The cream seperates, so you have to give it a shake before pouring.  I can use a turkey baster and take some of the top cream for my coffee.

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Kristi said...

wow that is so kewl. that would be such an awesome experience...