Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canary Chicks Opening Peepers

This is Chick #2.  See the little eye starting to open?  They stay sealed shut the first week, then open little by little.
A size comparison.  Chick #3 looks much smaller than the other two, but he's equally feisty!  Here, they're taking  a rest after being transferred to a kleenex in a warm bowl while I changed out some of the nest bedding.  Momma bird has been pooping in the nest (they're supposed to be neat and clean out baby's poop, but that's not happening.  I was instructed by my friend that raises canaries that the babies would get skin rash if left in damp poo.  Since my birds are very very tame, they don't seem to mind what I do and always go back to the chicks.
Smaller Chick #3 on the left.  Chick #1 (black eyes) on right.
Check out those feathers sprouting from their wings.

Doting parents feeding the babies together.

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