Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 7

Momma bird checks out the morning snack buffet of
lettuce, boiled egg, soaked seed , cucumber and corn.
Today the chicks are 6 and 3 days old.  The youngest seems to have caught up with his siblings, as I cannot tell them apart now.  All three pop their heads up quickly when they hear or feel anything about.  They stretch their little necks with beaks open to the sky!  We can hear the chicks peeps better now...On the first 3 days, they were barely audible. Eyes are still sealed shut, feathers have not started to fill in.

Below is a quick video of the mother hen, still wet from a bird bath, getting comfortable with the chicks beneath her.  She gives a couple of whistles, which signals the male bird that she's seated and ready for food.  He feeds her from the food he has stored in the crop in his neck, similar to a hamster's. The camera was leaning on the cage and magnified the sounds of the busy male bird.

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