Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Canary Chicks are Cool

Have you noticed that I haven't named my bird babies?  If they were Curly, Larry and Mo, well, I would never be able to part with my Three Stooges.  So we have Chick #1 and Chick #2 hopping and flying all over the cage.  They still won't feed themselves yet, so whenever they see a parent, they open their squealing beaks and beg with fluttering wings.  I do keep soft food (cooked quinoa, seed, and fresh fruits and veggies) on little birdie trays on the cage floor for the moment they decide to give it a try.   I've been playing canaries singing on Facebook to encourage daddy bird to sing more often (he sings once or twice a day) and I occasionally hear a few notes from the babies.  Chick #3 is still nesting, but this morning I saw him pop up onto the edge of his nest, where he sat and watched his brothers hop about the cage, with as much of a wistful look as an expressionless birdie face can conjure.  Maybe it was just curious interest.

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