Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet the Fam

Chick #1, slim and reserved. Stands tall.
Chick #2, laid back and loves the swing.
Chick #3, curious and needy, but he is 3 days younger.
His feathers matured and smoothed the next day.

This video is of the youngest Chick #3 begging a meal from the male parent.  The other two are so insistent, it looks like a fencing match, with the chicks making all the advances!

Daddy bird is bright eyed and friendly.  He is small and his yellow feathers look so intense against white feathers.  He has the sweetest soft feathers that fluff out from his chest in front of his wings. He is first when I put a plate of food on the floor of the cage, probably because he is the main baby feeder. He loves boiled eggs!

Mommy bird is quiet and calm, almost sleepy.  Her feathers look white until she bathes and the yellow under feathers show up.  She LOVES to splash around in the tub and if I don't put one in, she climbs into the water bowl.  She will take the first bath, preen and dry, then goes in again.  She likes green leafy veggies.

The babies started showing interest in food today.  I tried to slip up and take a picture of them eating, and #1 hurried to a corner to hide, pretending if his back is away from me and he cannot see me, then I cannot see him.  Chick #2 continued eating (see photo above), then flew up to his swing for a nap. Chick #3 hopped up to his father's perch and begged for food, fluttering and being all babyish.  Like mommy bird, all three babies seem larger than their slight daddy bird.  As soon as they grow longer tails, it will be difficult to tell them apart, especially Chick #1 and daddy bird.  He has the same little chest fluffers as his father, so sweet.

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