Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Canary Chicks Day 19

The two older chicks like to stay perched on the edge of the nest. Because of this, when I put the birds back into their "big" cage after our beach week on Sunday, I purposefully placed the nest close to the cage floor. Occasionally the older one will pop onto the perch I placed next to the nest, but most of the time they stay on the nest's edge.  Since the most aggressive birds get fed first, the two that are older seemed to be hogging the food source (mom and dad) all morning long.  I just noticed baby chick #3 on the nest edge, a little wobbly, but demanding his fair share of food. Chick #1 was just pushed off his perch and s-l-i-d down the bars that he was clinging to for dear life.  He somehow was able to reach the perch with his beak and give himself a leg back up into the safety of his nest.  I wonder, can he make his way back up if he does go to the floor of the cage?  A few minutes later, he FLEW to a slender perch I'd placed mid-cage.  Here's a video of his first adventure from the perch. daddy bird giving encouragement and loud tweets.  I think all three chicks are males. Notice how the other two lay low?  (Chick #1 does this too.) That's the typical boy response,  'Just lay low and nobody will notice we're here'.  If there was a female, she'd sit up and stare at you with an 'Are you looking at me? Well then, I'll just sit here and stare right back at you.'  FYI- Babies are messy. I clean the cage nightly.Oh, and I'd like to thank the inventor of clothespins!

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