Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bath and Vanity Renovations

Here is our new master vanity light.  It is actually brushed nickel (silver), but the picture makes it look bronze. The light we used to have was a long fluorescent, like the sort that belongs in a garage.  (What were they thinking??)
Mark is super tall, 6-1/2 feet to be exact, and the dropped ceiling above the shower crowded him.  I can't imagine taking a shower with only a few inches to spare above my head!  The ceiling is going UP. The old light fixture reminded me of the schoolhouse type that is on a ceiling fan.  Out it goes!  After the ceiling is raised and green mold resistant wallboard is in, they'll install a flush can light fixture that is specifically for damp places.  This little room contains the toilet and a huge garden tub. (What were they thinking??) Eventually the tub and tile will be removed and a nice shower and more updated tile walls and glass enclosure will go up - but not this week.  See the gawdawful fluorescent lights behind our contractor?  OUT they go! The weak exhaust fan is coming out and a lighted fan is going in.  Along with the can light in the shower, this should provide enough light for this small bathroom.
Contractor is Chuck Porter is younger brother to a friend from high school.
The guest bath renovations include removing the crappy exhaust fan, replacing it with a lighted fan, and they'll be changing out the icky fluorescent ceiling lighting with this pretty vanity light:
You can see pictures of the house before we moved in here.

The rain keeps raining and somehow a huge crop of Wandering Jew weed has made its home in my backyard, totally covering the ground.  The lawn spray service came yesterday and sprayed some sort of KILL that will murder everything green back there, leaving sand.  We plan to plug St. Augustine grass and make some pretty garden areas and also figure out a good spot for the fire pit my sister Patty gave us last week.  It looks like this one.

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Lovella Cushman said...

Good luck with the rest of the task! It seems you've got a lot of delicate work ahead, seeing how one element of plumbing can mess up the entire functionality of your bathroom, no matter how polished the aesthetics are. A lot of care and focus is really required, along with the sureness to push the renovation through. That is how demanding it can get. You might need a hired hand or two at some point.

Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing