Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pam's Mom

I pulled the first layer of stuff out of the laundry room, vacuum cleaner, Swiffer cleaners, things I use regularly, and was just about to tackle the second layer - the old stuff - when the phone rang. My friend Pam was stuck out of town and her 82 year old mother, who recently moved to her home after spinal surgery (and a few weeks of recovery rehab), was going to be home alone. I hurried over and spent the day assembling the most difficult puzzle with Pam's mother. I would have lost my religion in frustration, but it was The Last Supper, 2000 tiny pieces. I cooked lunch and supper, and after Pam got home with her husband at 9PM, I hung out a couple of more hours visiting.

Mark put everything I pulled out of the laundry room back IN, so today I start all over again.

Oh, an interesting tidbit...the cold weather on the east coast of the US has really made things chilly. Daytona, FL actually had colder temperatures than Anchorage, Alaska early this morning!

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